The Cateran Society Galloglass

There is no such thing as a “superior sword style,” it all depends on the skill of the swordsman. However, Highland broadsword was tested in battle against warriors from Europe, India, China, Africa, Indonesia and North America. No sword style in the world can claim to have been tested against as many different styles as the method of the Highlanders. On a number of occasions, Highland swordsmen succeeded in killing several opponents in hand to hand combat and emerging unscathed. Modern Highland broadsword fencers are usually eager to test their skills against other weapons and styles.

The Cateran Society Galloglass is made up of certified Cateran Society mentors who have voluntarily agreed to seek out martial challenges and exchanges as representatives of the Cateran Society and who have made the following commitments:

1- I will never refuse any legitimate request for a martial challenge or martial exchange.

2- I will represent the Cateran Society with the highest standards of personal integrity and respectful behavior.

3- I will actively seek out challenges as a representative of the Cateran Society.

A Martial Challenge is a friendly, respectful and public competitive bout between swordsmen from different schools. A Martial Exchange is a bout between swordsmen of different schools or styles in which touches are not officially counted and no winner is declared.

Current members of the Galloglass include:

J. Maas – Constable of the Galloglass

Christopher Scott Thompson – Founder of the Cateran Society

Heiko Große – President and Headmaster of the Cateran Society

Matt Park – Tanist of the Cateran Society

Bhiatailidh Negoda MacDhùghaill

James Mungall

Micah R. Wendell

Jeffrey Nadwidny

Matthew Tice

Jonathan Alford

Seth Robinson

Sam Irving

Timo Seppälä

Tero Ulvinen

Sergey Osipov

Alex Große

Peter Stabel


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