The Bardic Assembly

Recognized bards of the Cateran Society, honored for their contributions in lore, art, music, and/or language. Rank in the Bardic Assembly is given based on achievements or contributions in these areas. Earning rank in one of these areas would make you a first degree bard of the Cateran Society, two areas would be a second degree bard, and so forth. To apply for membership in the Bardic Assembly, contact Christopher Scott Thompson at or Heiko Große at

Lore – substantial research in the areas we study, such as publishing a book, writing articles, creating video lesson content or fulfilling the requirements of the Hoplology course.

Art – a chapbook-length work of poetry, an artistic portfolio, a novel or short-story collection on Cateran-related themes.

Music – demonstrated ability to play on a traditional Celtic instrument, sing Gaelic songs or some equivalent skill.

Language – demonstrated proficiency in Gaelic.

Bards of the Cateran Society:

Christopher Scott Thompson – 2nd Degree (Lore, Art)

Bhiatailidh Negoda MacDhùghaill – 1st Degree (Language)

Peter Walker – 1st Degree (Music)

James Mungall – 1st Degree (Music)

Heiko Große – 1st Degree (Lore)

Timo Seppälä – 1st Degree (Lore)

Jay Maas – 1st Degree (Lore)

Cornelius Stöhr – 1st Degree (Music)

Tom Langhorne – 1st Degree (Lore)

Edward Lindey – 1st Degree (Music)

Dana Sweetman – 2nd Degree (Art, Lore)

Owynn MacKean – 1st Degree (Art)

Nick Thomas  – 1st Degree (Lore)

Ruadhán MacFadden – 1st Degree (Lore)

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