Official Broadsword Academy Locations

Here is a list of all official locations, where you can take up classes or get instruction by official certified Caterans and Mentors of the Cateran Society. These can be official branch schools of the Society, but also instructors from other schools, who took part in our program:

United States

Maine Broadsword Academy:

Broadsword Academy Pennsylvania:

Minnesota Broadsword Academy:  /

Southern California Broadsword Academy:

Caledonian Broadsword Academy of Baton Rouge:

Caledonian Broadsword Academy of New Orleans:

Broadsword Academy Denver (Colorado):

The Broadsword Academy at the Southern Tier Hoplological Society:

Willamette Valley Broadsword Club

The Northwest Louisiana Broadsword Academy:

St. Louis Broadsword Academy:

Broadsword Academy at Reborn Historical Martial Arts:

Blackfeather Broadsword Academy (Washington):

Broadsword Academy Sacramento


Broadsword Academy Kingston:

Winnipeg Historical Fencing Club:

Coir Claidhimh Broadsword Academy (Red Deer, Alberta):

Broadsword Academy Aurora:

Niagara Broadsword Academy


MacDougall Broadsword Academy (Krasnodar):

Broadsword Academy Siberia:


Saorsa Scottish Swordsmanship (Glasgow)
Saorsa on Facebook


The West Finland Broadsword Academy:


Broadsword Academy Germany:


Broadsword Academy Malta: /

The Cateran Society is a private club, not a business. Some of these locations may meet in rented space, while others may train in parks or back yards. You may be training with several other students, or one on one with your instructor.

The Apprenticeship Program Online

Otherwise, you can study these arts through our online Apprenticeship Program, with members in the USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Russia and elsewhere. Members of the Apprenticeship Program have the opportunity to study any or all of the arts we teach, working with a combination of hands-on personal instruction via seminars and workshops, as well as the extensive written materials we have available, and our complete online curriculum. The exact mix of seminar time and distance learning will depend on the life circumstances of the individual student, but personal instruction will be emphasized to the greatest extent possible in every case. Participation in the program is free of charge, with the exception of any travel costs required for seminars. Help us to revive and promote the Art of the Highland Broadsword, and the martial heritage of the Scottish Gael!

Contact Mthwprk@yahoo for more information.

13 thoughts on “Official Broadsword Academy Locations”

  1. Again, email contact for enquiries does not work. Might want to look into it. A little disheartening for new people trying to get started.

  2. The contact email for “Southern California Broadsword Academy” is returned ‘undeliverable’…is there and active group in Southern California presently? Whom may I contact for info and how if available?
    Many thanks!

  3. Hello! My name is Isaac Ouellette! 😃 and I am a young man in San Antonio, Texas who is extremely interested in learning to fight with the broadsword. I have begun to read “The lessons of the Broadsword Master’s”, and am starting to practice positions one through five, and memorizing the parts of the sword. I have a yearning to learn from the Society, and maybe one day, as a huge supporter of martial arts, maybe become a Sponser myself to promote the art of Swordmanship! 🙏🕊 Thank you so much for your time! I await your response with eagerness! 😄
    With warm blessings – Isaac O.

    1. Thanks for your kind words, happy you like our work. If you like to join our Online Apprenticeship Program, please feel free to contact us.

    1. We have several members of our Online Program in Scotland, who will open training groups in the future once they are through the training progress with all certifications. We also have several good contacts and friends in Scotland too. So we are starting to be placed solid in Scotland 😉

      1. Do you happen to know the locations in Scotland of the members you’re referring to? Trying to figure out of there is anyone close

  4. I’m trying to reach the Southern California Broadsword Academy, and the email returns as Undeliverable. Is there a new email address?

    Also, can anyone recommend a good resource to purchase a Claidheamh da Laimh practice steel?

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