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BAG at ZornFest 2017

The Broadsword Academy Germany was invited to teach a class on Highland Broadsword and Highland Backhold Wrestling at the Summercamp of Zornhau e.V. in Ronneburg, near the castle of the same name. Zornhau is one of the oldest HEMA-clubs in Germany, real pioneers who focussing on medieval swordsmanship and weapons and wrestling. Due to they are the BAG´s neighbour club the pathes of our groups often crossed within the last years, holding a seminar on Highland Dirk, exchanging in sparring and with their several instructors. Zornhau and the BAG want to work together more in future.


The workshops was in two parts, first we did Backhold Wrestling Basics with several warm-up games and studied some techniques like the Backheel-technique, the hank and Buttock. After that we gave the Zornhau members a Best of Broadsword-workshop of another 1,5 hours to show them the wide range of Highland Swordsmanship.

It was an entertaining and great training day, thanks to all Zornhau instructors and participants.

The workshop ended with a Broadsword bout to show the audience how the concepts work in freeplay. Even the connection to Backhold Wrestling became obvious with a takedown at the end of the bout, a Backheel technique.

Highland Broadsword Crash-Course

Beginners who pick up the Broadsword and start their training often asked themselfs, where to start. Of course, the Broadsword-Lessons of the Cateran Society are always a good start. However for a basic understanding of the fundamental principles that all manuals share, this video crash course by our Level IV-Mentor Jay Maas (Broadsword Academy Manitoba, Canada), is a great start:

It is not only interesting for those starting in our Apprenticeship Program, but also for anyone generally interested in martial arts and history, who would like to know what Broadsword fencing is all about.

Summer-Seminars in Germany

The Broadsword Academy Germany was invited to various seminars this summer. At the Krav Maga Crosscamp in Günzburg (Bavaria) they held a class on the Highland Broadsword use. Thanks a lot to the Krav Maga Union and especially our friend Thorsten Schindler for the inviation. Thanks to all participants and instructors.

In Dietzenbach the BAG held a seminar on fighting with the Scottish Dirk. We were invited by Mark DeFazio, who is an instructor for Human Pankration and Jujutsu next to other martial arts. Mark was giving a seminar on Traditional Italian Knife Fighting and after that we introduced the participants to the Dirk. It was a very interesting and entertaining seminar day. Thanks a lot to Mark, the Asia Fitnesspark and all participants.

New Mentor in Canada

The Cateran Society is happy to announce that  Dana Sweetman (Aurora, Canada) earned his Level 1 certification. Dana is a dedicated student of the Highland Broadsword under the mentorship of Heiko Grosse since 2014.


Dana not only proofed his fighting skills and technical level in several bouts against other martial artists, he also runs a continuously growing Broadsword-class with dedication, helping his students to improve their skills more and more.


Besides the single sword, Dana already worked with Broadsword & Dagger, Broadsword & Targe and the scottish Clamshell-Greatsword too. Here you can see some of his work:

Congratulations, Dana, well done!

New Level 2 Mentor

Chris Dyer (USA) has earned the certification as a 2nd degree mentor. Chris proofed his technical level and skills in several certification bouts under the guidance of his mentor Heiko Grosse. Chris used the Highland Broadsword in old style against various armed opponents. Weapons he faced were the  Sabre, Rapier and Arming Sword. He has also established a regular Broadsword class in his own club, Reborn Fitness ( too. He will move on in the program with Level 3 (Broadsword and Targe, Double weapons).


Congratulations, Chris, good job.

New Level 2 mentor certification at the West Finland Broadsword Academy

We are pleased to share a new promotion for the West Finland Broadsword Academy:


Tero Ulvinen has earned his certification as a 2nd degree mentor. Tero is not only a dedicated student of the Highland Broadsword under the guidance of Timo Seppälä (Cateran and WFBA head-instructor), but also a very good mounted archer and swordsman. He also won the Hakkaa Päälle mounted broadsword tournament of the Equestrian Martial Arts Club in 2016.

Tero proofed his technical level and combative skills in several certification bouts under the guidance and supervision of Timo Seppälä (Cateran, WFBA head-instructor). Tero used different weapons including spear, sword and shield and Highland Broadsword against four opponents from the Viking Society Wolves of Faravid. He fought 12 bouts altogether, with the Broadsword alone in Old-Style Tero fought 4 bouts. The main certification bout of three minutes fighting time was with Juha Ojala.

Great job! Congratulations!

Highland Games in Neu-Isenburg (Germany)

The Broadsword Academy Germany visited the Highland Games in Germany again. The Games were started already in 1969 and had a long tradition in Neu-Isenburg until 2000. Fortunaley they are held every two years again since 2009.

The history of the german Highland Games started in 1957, when athlete Helmut Hubeier watched them in a cinema news clip. He was amazed and also his sportsmates were interested. So they got in contact with scottish athletes and five heavy athletes from Neu-Isenburg travelled to participate at Highland Games in Edinburgh in 1958. More visits in Scotland followed and the ahtletes participated successfully in many Highland Games until 1963. From this time the Scottish disciplines were trained on in the Club.

Here you see the particpants from Neu-Isenburg at the Highland Games in 1959 (Photo by


The BAG visited the Highland Games in Neu-Isenburg and Ruesselsheim already twice, showing Scottish Swordsmaship and informing the visitors about our training  and the martial history of Scotland. This year we had the chance to also show the audience some examples of Scottish backhold Wrestling. We had a great time there training, bouting and informing the visitors.

Here some videos of the event can be seen, more in our channel:

Two new Mentors at Broadsword Academy Manitoba

Here is an announcement from Broadsword Academy Manitoba, Canada. We are pleased to share two new promotions:


Justen Russell (left) has earned his certification as a Level 1 Regimental Broadsword instructor. Justen has represented the BAM and organisation both locally and internationally recently in Europe. Justen is a fast learner and has demonstrated passion, hard work and talent at swordsmanship.
Secondly Wyatt Campbell (right) has earned his certification as a Level 2 Old Style Broadsword. Wyatt has represented our school locally in tournaments and cross style fencing against a variety of martial arts. Wyatt has shown a deep understanding of our art and is the assistant instructor at Broadsword Academy Manitoba. He has shown dedication to the art, never misses class, and shows a strong Cateran Warrior spirit in actively pursuing sparring and competition with all sorts of opponents.
To earn their rank, both swordsmen had to demonstrate insight into the techniques through demonstration in class, a written exam and a practical test against martial artists from other schools under the supervision of BAM head-instructor Jay Maas (4th Level mentor).

Great work, gentlemen! Congratulations!

Jay Maas new Constable of the Galloglass

Jay Maas, head instructor at Broadsword Academy Manitoba (Canada) is announced to become new Constable of the Galloglass, effective on June 1, 2017. I was the Constable for several years due to my many crossover bouts, especially at the monthly sparringsmeeting of the Dog Brothers traininggroup Wiesbaden aka the Wolfspack. Although still being active, but with my position as the new President of the Cateran Society and Headmaster of the Broadsword Academy, I think it is important to pass on this position to another fighter.

Jay Maas of the BAM represented the Society already honorably in a number of bouts, not only within his own group, but also facing other fencers and instructors. He is an excellent fighter, bouting technical clean and disciplined and is continuously improving his skills. He is working very active in our program and is creating an excellent video series on Sinclair´s Broadsword Lessons from the Anti-Pugilism manual.

Here you can see many of his bouts in the BAM youtube-channel:

Jay will oversee the Cateran Society Galloglass, not only bouting himself, but also supporting all other fighters in their martial exchanges and martial challenges. I like to congratulate Jay and wish him all the best for his upcoming bouts and training. I ask you all to support Jay in his work and taking him as an example. The Cateran Society is not only working theoretically and technically on the scottish historical martial arts, but we are also a combat group following the three Galloglass commitments:

1- I will never refuse any legitimate request for a martial challenge or martial exchange.

2- I will represent the Cateran Society with the highest standards of personal integrity and respectful behavior.

3- I will actively seek out challenges as a representative of the Cateran Society.

Am fear a thug buaidh air fhein, thug e buaidh air namhaid.

– Heiko Große –

New Mentors certified at So.Cal. Broadsword Academy

On Saturday, April 15, 2017 two members of So.Cal. Broadsword Academy played for the Prize of 1st and 2nd Degree Mentors in the Cateran Society under the supervision and mentorship of Matthew Tice.

Robin Price, who after many years practice learning through both the old curriculum material (Henry Angelo’s Regimental Broadsword Lessons) and new curriculum (Level 1 Regimental Broadsword, and Level 6 Dirk, Naval Cutlass Exercises of Henry Angelo Jr.). Robin demonstrated his academic and teaching ability, as well as applied his practical experience with broadsword and dirk in hand. Robin successfully defended himself against two worthy opponents, consisting of one of his peers from within our club, and a fencer invited from KRON Los Angeles who leads that club’s saber study group.

Robin will also follow Matthew Tice as the headinstructor of the Broadsword Academy of Southern California. Matthew did a great job for So.Cal. BA and is stepping back for personal reasons, making place for Robin to continue his work. The Cateran Society say thank you, Matthews for your dedication and great work. We welcome Robin in his new position and congratulate him for his certification and new position at So. Cal. BA.

We are also proud to acknowledge Scott, who after many years practice learning through both the old curriculum material (Henry Angelo’s Regimental Broadsword Lessons), and new curriculum (Level 1 Regimental Broadsword, and Level 6 Naval Cutlass Exercises of Henry Angelo Jr.) had his certifications too. Scott demonstrated his academic and teaching ability, as well as applied his practical experience with broadsword in hand. Scott successfully defended himself against two worthy opponents, consisting of one of his peers from within our club, and a fencer invited from KRON Los Angeles who leads that club’s saber study group. Congratulations, Scott.