New Mentor Certifications

“The Broadsword Academy Germany is happy and proud to announce, that 6 excellent swordfighters of Show of Arms and MERCS Malta received their next level mentor certifications during an event held on the fortifications of Fort St. Angelo, Birgu. Robert Grima, Dylan Sultana, Michael Joseph Bonett and Ismael Bonello all four applied for Level 1: Regimental Broadsword and passed the final tests with bravura! Well done, all of you, was really pleased to work with you guys. Michael and Ismael will now concentrate on Level 3: Sword & Shield/Double-weapons, while Robert and Dylan will focus on Level 4: MacGregor Method/Auxiliary Arts. Christine Montebello and Mikal Suleiman both were nominated to pass the final tests for Level 3: Sword & Shield/Double-Weapons and were doing so with excellent skills and mindset. Both will now focus on Level 1: Regimental Broadsword. I like to congratulate all of them and thank them again for their dedicated work and friendship.

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