Mentor Certification Announcement

The Broadsword Academy Germany is happy and proud to announce, that Edward Lindey has been certified as Level 1 Mentor (Regimental Broadsword) within the Cateran Society Program.

Edward trained with us over the last years regularly in class and also online. He is a dedicated swordsman with a lot of experience from other combat disciplines, a spirited fencer with great combat spirit, and he participated with us in all types of sparrings and freeplay, always willing to learn and improve his skills. We worked with him focused on his mentor-certification before he left Germany going back to the USA. In the final test he had to do several sparring in different levels with different tasks all in a row with changing fresh opponents. He mastered this final test very good and earned his rank as Level 1 mentor. We will miss him, his dry sense of humor, his spirit and dedication and wish him and his family all the best for the new chapter in their life.

May we meet each other again soon to cross blades again. Congratulations, Edward, well deserved!

We are very proud and happy to announce, that Joel Anajao (aka Kalis Magani) and Ariel B. Ramos (Philippines) both earned the certification for the rank of Level 1 Mentor (Regimental Broadsword). They both trained regulary together and worked through our online apprenticeship program under the mentorship of Heiko Große.

Both gentlemen are very experienced martial artists, coming from a lifelong background of different martial arts. Joel aka Kalis started training already since childhood, learning escrima and boxing as his family tradition. Later he also trained and competed in Japanese Karate-Do, Arnis, Judo and Muay Thai. With weapons he already trained in Niten Ichi Ryu and Katori Shinto Ryu Kenjutsu. Next to being a badass martial arts teacher and fighter, he is a professor at the Cavite State University teaching sport science classes. Ariel is also a very experienced martial artist, training FMA and Japanese martial arts under the instruction of Joel since a long time. He is very dedicated and open-minded as well, fighting with a wide range of weapons from HEMA, Japanese combat arts and FMA. They both train and fight within our Online Apprenticeship program, but also with various other weapons like Military Sabre, Cutlass, Stickfighting, Longsword, Bokken and much more.

Check out their youtube channel:

They are the very first certified Cateran Society mentors on the Philippines. Well done, gentlemen, very good work.

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