Double-Broadsword Lessons and Mentor Certification

We are happy and proud to announce, that Dana Sweetman in Aurora, Canada (Highland Sword Fighting Guild) earned the rank of Level 3 Mentor (Broadsword & Targe / Double-Weapons).

Dana not only worked through all required training material, but also created a set of lessons for the use of Double-Broadswords. His work is basing on the Broadsword fundamentals, Backsword and Dagger according to manuals like Donald McBane and James Miller and the general principles of double weapon fighting. He tested his lessons in several bouts versus other double weapons and also double Broadswords, so these are battle-tested. The concepts can be used with double swords of all kind, Backswords, Spadroons, Case of Falchions aka Hangers like the Stage-Gladiators did and so on.

With his contribution Dana offers the whole of the Cateran Society a new lesson series to work with and the Cateran Council decided, that these are officially part of our Level 3 Double Weapons in our Curriculum. So students can train these lessons in Level 3 for their certification.

Creating theses Lessons, Dana is also earning his 2nd degree Bard (Lore) in the Bardic Assembly.

You can see the first of the upcoming lessons already in the youtube channel of Dana´s training group:

Congratulations, Dana, well done.