New Level 1 Mentors at the BAM

The Broadsword Academy Manitoba is proud to announce three new Level 1 Mentors through the Cateran Society Program. Lisa, Cody Pierson and Nathan Thiessen are dedicated and hard working broadsword fencers who have earned instructor rank under Caterans Jay Maas, Jacques Labrie and Wyatt Campbell.

Congratulations to all of them 🙂

New Level 4 Mentor

We are happy and proud to announce, that Thomas L. Proctor, St.Louis, Missouri, USA is certified as Level IV mentor (MacGregor Method). Thomas worked dedicated thtough Level IV, concentrating on the use of the Dirk and Staff, successfully adopting his fighting fundamentals and skills on the two weapons according to the MacGregor Method. He worked dedicated under the guidance of his mentor Heiko Große and proofed his skills in certification bouts to achieve the next level.

Congratulations, good job!