New mentor certifications

Congratulations to Shane Clune and R Young, both of whom have earned second-degree mentor certification in the Cateran System through the Minneapolis Amateur Swordfighting Association’s Broadsword Training Group!


Shane Clune is a worker, a labor leader, and a public servant. He started training in martial arts in 2008 in college, earning a black belt in Ed Parker’s American Kenpo by 2012. Part of earning a black belt required running classes at the local Karate studio. This was an opportunity to teach, coach, and learn from students of all levels of experience. This was also an opportunity to make the classic “beginning instructor” mistakes in an environment surrounded by peers and mentors. Shane moved to Minnesota in 2015 and came to the Minnesota Broadsword Academy looking to expand his martial arts training and deepen his understanding of the science and art of fighting and self-defense, and because swords are cool. In 2018, he joined the Minneapolis Amateur Swordfighting Association and took to his training with more discipline and regularity, earning his second-degree mentor certification under the instruction of Christopher Scott Thompson.

R Young is a Midwestern martial artist currently residing in Minneapolis, MN. They currently train with the Minneapolis Amateur Swordfighting Association (MASA) and the Cateran Society, where they began studying under Christopher Scott Thompson in 2017.

Congratulations, Gentlemen, well done!

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