New Mentor in Scotland

The Cateran Society is happy and proud to announce that Ben Hamilton (Scotland) earned his rank as 1st degree Mentor for Regimental Broadsword.


Ben started training with swords at the age of 12 under the instruction of men passionate about reviving Scottish history. From then on he tried to learn as much as he could about swordsmanship from Reenactment societies, modern Fencing, aiki/kenjutsu and stage combat for 6 years before finding exactly what he was looking for in HEMA 5 years ago.

Becoming a participant in our Online program, Ben already brought a lot of skills, experience and motivation with him into the training. He worked through all lessons very disciplined and moved forward quite fast, proofing his skillset, swift and sharp style in many free bouts, even faced other weapon types like the Longword with success (Video footage will come soon).

Ben´s mission is to improve the quality, awareness and accessibility of HEMA and Scottish fighting arts in Scotland and to take as many people with him on his journey. We are sure he will be very successfull with that and looking forward to see him working through the next levels of our program.

Ben is running the Saorsa Scottish Swordsmanship School in Glasgow, Scotland.

Congratulations, well done and well deserved!