Mentor certification in Germany

The Broadsword Academy Germany is happy and proud to announce, that Peter Stabel successfully earned mentorship for Level IV (MacGregor Method & Auxiliary Arts). Over the last years Peter proofed his ability to adopt his Broadsword skills on a great variety of weapons within the 4 families. He used and faced within many bouts different weapon types and styles. This inclueded Highland Dirk, Scottish Twohander, Bayonet & Musket, Quarterstaff, Cane, Cutlass, Smallsword and many more. He became especially fond of the Smallsword and uses it quite effectively within the concept of the MacGregor Method.


For a final test Peter used and faced 4 different weapons from all 4 familys in a row in his official 3 minutes certification bouts:

Peter also helped a lot to test the Lessons for the use of the medieval scottish Quillon-sword, which were finally put into the book “Scorners of Death”. He also always is very open minded to visit workshops of other HEMA-styles as well as bouting with different people at different events. Over the last years he proofed his skills in the MacGregor Method over and over again as you can see in many of our bouting videos. Here is one example using the Smallsword & Dagger:

Congratulations, Peter, well done and well deserved!

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