Level 4 Mentor in the USA

We are happy to  anounce that Joshua Campbell reached successfully the certification for Level 4: Auxiliary Arts.


Joshua worked through the program dedicated and consequently. For Level 4 he focussed on his favourite weapon, the Scottish Twohanded Sword called claidheamh dà làimh. With this sword he already fought many sparring bouts and multiple SCA tournaments, where he also won 2nd place in the Sword Masters Tournament. One of his many bouts you can see here.

Already being an experienced swordsman with Twohanders, he nevertheless worked through the practical lessons on the CDL described in our book “Scorners of Death”. He successfully passed the requirements to master these drills and proofed his skills again in several bouts for certification. In addition he also worked a lot with the Dirk and adopted the skills required for the scottish dagger.

Congratulations to you!

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