More Mentor certifications in Siberia

The Cateran Society is very happy to announce a lot of new mentor certifications for the hard working and dedicated students of the Broadsword Academy Siberia (Russia). Katya Artemyeva, Lyubov Kornienko, Roman Sotnikov, Maksim Borzykh and Alexander Lichman have all passed the final certification bouts and required technical training with great success to reach Level II-mentorship (Old Style). Also of the BAS student Anna Karina (not in the photo) reached the rank of LevelI-mentor (Regimental Broadsword) successfully.


All mentors train under the guidance of our Cateran Sergey Osipov, founder of the Broadsword Academy Siberia. His hard work and the discipline and dedication of his group are outstanding and set an example for all of us. Well done indeed.

Congratulations to all our Sisters and Brothers in Russia!