New Mentors in Siberia

The Cateran Society is happy to announce four new mentor certifications for students of the Broadsword Academy Siberia (Russia). Roman Sotnikov, Lyubov Kornienko, Maksim Borzykh and Alexander Lichman all have earned the rank of Level I-mentor (Regimental Broadsword). They all train under the mentorship of our Cateran Sergey Osipov, founder of the Broadsword Academy Siberia, who did again an excellent job to prepare his students with th program for the final test bouts.

All new mentors showed great discipline and precision and worked through all our lessons very good. They proofed their skills in many free bouts with Singlesticks and Sabres. They all showed great passion, high level of skill and courage.

Excellent job, congratulations to all of them!


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