New (old) channel for the Cateran Society

Important announcement:
We made some internal changes with our youtube-channels, so in future the pretty new Cateran Society channel will be closed. But don´t worry! All important videos, especially the Broadsword & Targe Lessons will be reposted in the BAG channel.
Due to the fact we have just much more subscribers there, will get the Cateran Society more attention. So we decided to make channel of the recent president and head-instructor the main channel during her or his presidency.
Also the channel of Chris which contains all lessons of the Online program is of course still active and can be used. The third most active channel with a lot of important and helpfull lessons is the one by Jay Maas of the Broadsword Academy Manitoba. Both will be posted below.
So here we go, check out the channel and if you don´t have yet, please subscribe:
Chris Thompson´s channel:

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