Broadsword & Targe Seminar – Cologne

The Freifechter in Cologne kindly invited me to give a seminar on the Use of Highland Broadsword and Targe. I went there with our BAG 3rd degree mentor Peter and we were giving a class of 5 h training. Our host Peter Frank, who we know from several HEMA events, kindly welcomed us and I was happy to see also many attendants from other HEMA and reenactment groups.


After some warm-up, we started with the basic stance and footwork, basing on Thomas Page (1746) and the Penicuik-Sketches, followed by the several guards we use. We worked on how to cut safely with the Broadsword, while the Targe covers and what things are important to keep in mind, when using the Targe. Such as not blinding yourself with the shield and to move from the shoulder to not tire yourself. After a short break, we worked through several plays like counter-thrusts, attacking the legs, the Drop, the Bind, the Lift and more. All participants did very well, being partly already experienced swordsmen. The training day ended too fast, but we were able to work through many things and give the participants a solid base in using the Targe. At the end of the seminar day, the attendants had the chance to put the learned material into practice during some freeplay.

I want to thank Peter and the Freifechter for the invitation and hospitality. I also want to thank all participants for the good training and interesting discussions on the topic.


Videoimpressions of the seminar:

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