Noble Science Germany II

The Noble Science event, originally founded by Martin Oz Austwick in UK, is dedicated to the unarmed european combat traditions. In other european nations sister events started, like in France and Predrag Nicolic, long time instructor of Zornhau HEMA club with specialization on Medieval Wrestling, started the Noble Science Germany last year. So I was very happy to be invited at the second event too, again near the beautifull Ronneburg Castle.


I headed to Ronneburg in the early morning to hold my class on Highland Wrestling started. I started with an instruction and warm-up on the basic stance, grip and rules of Highland Wrestling, followed by pushing and pulling exercises.

Working on the Backhold Grip

After that we trained the way of slipping the right shoulder under the left armpit of the opponent and get a throw down from there. We also trained this time the Buttock throw from the headlock-position. The final technique of the day was the Backheel. The worskhop finished with some training bouts in which many participated and we had great fun throwing each other to the ground. Many were able to already put into bouting what they trained during the seminar.

Training the Buttock Throw

Unfortunately I could not participate the whole event, but there was also Medieval Wrestling with Predrag Nicolic, Pankration with Mark DeFazio and German Hand- and Foot-Boxing with Paul Becker. Thanks a lot to Predrag and Zornhau for the invitation and to all participants and instructors for a very nice event day.

The Noble Science Germany II instructors & participants on Sunday

Videoimpressions of the the seminar and training bouts:




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