Two mentor certifications in Canada

The Broadsword Academy Manitoba is proud to announce, that Abu-Isa Webb and Wyatt Campbell reached new mentor levels.

Taylor Abu-Isa Webb is now a mentor for Level I Regimental Broadsword. He started practicing HEMA with the Niagara School of Arms over three years ago and has been working through the Online Program for a year and a half. The Niagara Broadsword Academy operates in St Catharines and Hamilton alongside the Niagara School of Arms. The Academy teaches Broadsword and Single Stick, and participates in events through local Scottish clubs.

Taylor Abu-Isa Webb (right)

Wyatt Campbell has earned his certification as a Level 4 mentor. Wyatt has represented the BAM school locally in tournaments and cross style fencing against a variety of martial arts. Wyatt has shown a deep understanding of our art and is the assistant instructor at Broadsword Academy Manitoba. He has shown dedication to the art, never misses class, and shows a strong Cateran Warrior spirit in actively pursuing sparring and competition with all sorts of opponents.

Wyatt Campbell (right)

Congratulations to both gentlemen, well done.

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