Three new mentors in Malta

The Broadsword Academy Germany is proud and happy to announce, that Robert Grima and Adam Peter Fretwell of Show of Arms and Dylan Sultana of Mercs Malta passed the final test for certification in Level 3: Broadsword & Targe. Show of Arms Scuola d´armi was established in 2005 and the members train a varity of weapons like Longsword, Sidesword, Rapier, Langes Messer, Dagger and others. Mercs Malta works with weapons from the Viking to Medieval period in single and group fights.

Robert Grima (left) and Dylan Sultana during the seminar

All three were already experienced historical martial artists and worked through an intense three days Broadsword & Targe seminar at the Hagar Qim Temples in Malta. During the seminar they all showed quick and good understanding of the principles, basics and advanced techniques of Level 3. They also quickly adopted the principles to other offhand weapons like the rondel-dagger and Main-Gauche. Following various freeplay drills and rounds of free bouts in against different opponents and with various weapon combinations, all three fighters faced a final certification bout against seminar instructor and Cateran Society president Heiko Große. Within the bouts they all showed a good understanding and use of the learned techniques under pressure. They also showed good spirit and honest and humble characters, not only during the bouts and seminar, but also the whole weekend.

Adam Peter Fretwell with Broadsword and Targe

Please see the Broadsword Academy Germany youtube channel for some impressions of the seminar weekend. Here you can see some impressions of good exchanges during their certification bouts:

The new mentors will cooperate with further training together as the Broadsword Academy Malta. Congratulations, gentlemen 🙂

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