Cateran members on “Knife or Death” show (History channel)

The Cateran Society is very proud to announce that two of our Broadsword Academy Apprenticeship Online Program members are taking part in the TV show „Forged in Fire – Knife or Death“. Joshua Campell and Kenneth Tucker are taking part in this show.

The show is an competition series that airs on the History channel as a spin-off from the successful „Forged in Fire“ series. The show is hosted by former NFL-player and wrestler Bill Goldberg and Tu Lam, a former Green Berets operative, martial artist and edged weapons expert. Two-time „Forged in Fire“ champion Travis Wuertz assists as the show’s blade inspection specialist. On each episode, eight contestants compete through two rounds, using edged weapons that they have either forged themselves or had fabricated to their specifications. They must submit their weapons to a preliminary examination by Wuertz and can be immediately disqualified in case of a safety issue or failure. The contestant who finishes the second-round course in the shorter time advances to the season finale, with a $20,000 cash prize at stake.


Joshua is a 1st degree Mentor working in our Program under the mentorship of Chris Thompson and Heiko Große. Joshua trained already for a long time and next to the Broadsword with Targe, Dirk and the Twohanded Greatsword he now is working through Level II (Old Style). He was interested in the show, when he saw a casting call for it last spring. He applied online and went through a number of interviews to get on the show. It is not known yet when his episode will airing, but as soon as possible we will announce it here.

Kenneth Tucker, born and raised in Marmet West Virginia, the very town his scottish ancestor Gideon David Fairleigh came in 1648, holds a shodan in Shotokan Karate and has been doing martial arts for over ten years and sword specific for 3 years. He found out about the show facebook and sent an email with a basic synopsis and a video of him cutting. After a few months process of interviews videos and emails exchanges he was given a flight and a filming date. His episode will be airing on 10/31.

See this Trailer for the show on facebook (inlcueding Kenneth).

We are very much looking forward to see their skills in the show and wish them both good luck and success. Congratulations to both gentlemen!

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