New mentor certification in Germany

The Broadsword Academy Germany is proud and happy to announce, that Peter Stabel has reached his certification for Broadsword and Targe successfully. Peter is training at the BAG since five years and is a very dedicated and technical fighter. After reaching certification for Regimental Broadsword (Level 1), he was constantly training for Level 3 Boadsword & Targe. Also he is helping a lot in regular classes and seminars as assistant-instructor.


Peter showed his technical skills in many training sessions, working through the program and testing his skills in many training bouts, successfully adopting his lefty-style to his mostly right-handed opponents. Here you can see two training bouts of Peter showing his level of skill with the scottish shield:

As the final test Peter faced five different weapons in his official certification bouts. These were Broadsword & Targe, Broadsword & Basket-hilt Dagger, Double Espada, Espada y Daga and finally Half-Pike/Spear. He fought each bout constantly for 2-3 minutes with only short breaks in between the rounds always facing fresh fighters and different weapons. He clearly showed his ability to adopt to different styles and weapons, using the technical repertoire of Broadsword and Targe very well.

Here you can see Peter´s certification bouts in full:

We would like to thank our friend and brother-in-arms Lapu Lapu Dog Ericsson, who joined this certification bouts as an external fightzer. He is a long time practicioner of FMA Stickfighting and bladed weapons, being a 1. Dan of Modern Arnis and a full-dog of the Dog Brothers tribe.


Congratulations, Peter, very good job!

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