New Cateran in Canada

The Cateran Society is proud to announce, that Jake Hodgson of Broadsword Academy Kingston (Ontario, Canada) has reached the level of a Cateran now.

Jake started his martial journey in 1980 picking up sport fencing for five years and became a long time practicioner of Chinese Internal Martial Arts, which he still practices today. He started with the Broadsword Academy Program online and then in person with Chris Thompson and Matt Park in 2009, finally establishing the Broadsword Academy Kingston as an open school in 2014.


Jake proofed his skills and deep understanding of the art we study in many years of constant training, successfully teaching others and participating in man bouts. His school is running 3 classes a week, organising sparring events as well as seminars, like with Paul Wagner (Stoccata, Australia). His school does a number of other events during the year, like First Capital Day, Bellevue House National Historic Site with introduction and demonstrations to promote his club and enlighten the masses on the facts and myths of historical swordsmanship. Jake was even invited to be a technical expert by a local woodworking museum, which does a ‘make your own sword and shield’ workshop.

At the moment he is working out the final steps of a very promision set of official lessons with Broadsword and Dirk, a combination many of us try out now and then, but not often train systematically. With his hard work, dedication and great heart, Jake is contributing a lot to the Cateran Society and therefore deserves the position of a Cateran.

Congratulations 🙂

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