New Level I-Mentor

The Cateran Society is very proud to announce the successfull certification for Level I (Regimental Broadsword) of Joshua Campbell (USA), who is working in our Online Apprenticeship Program under the mentorship of Chris Thompson and Heiko Große.
Joshua trained already for a long time and next to the Broadsword with Targe, Dirk and the Twohanded Greatsword (which he uses with great skill), he worked through all lessons of Level I Regimental Broadsword with discipline and continiously. His certification is very much deserved and he proofed his skills in many bouts, finally official certification bouts too against a variety of weapons and styles. He already started to work on Level II (Old Sytle).
Here you can see some scenes of his final bout versus the Longsword, please not that Joshua is using a scottish Halflang sword and adopting the Regimental style to it with great success:

Congratulations, Joshua!


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