Broadsword 2019


The time has come for an international Broadsword gathering with the Cateran Society and our friends. This is an event, which has been in the works for years, and will feature instructors from across the globe.

There will be a heavy focus on mentoring, classes and sparring, and the art of broadsword from the British isles in all its many forms (Cutlass, Sabre, Backsword, and especially Highland Broadsword).

The best part of the gathering? It’s entirely free of charge! The University of Saint Boniface through which we run our program is allowing us to host the event.

Expect to see classes and mentoring by instructors like Paul Wagner, Christopher Thompson, Matt Park, Jonathan Mackenzie Gordon and many others. More information on instructors and classes will be posted and shared as the plans are finalized.

We will keep you updated on the details! Also check out the event facebook page:
Broadsword 2019