Smallsword Lessons by BAM


Jay Maas of the Broadsword Academy Manitoba just started a new video series on the Smallsword, which we can highly recommend. Jay already provided us with a great interpretation video series on the lessons of Captain G. Sinclair´s “Anti-Pugilism” and is currently working on a video series on Thomas Page´s Highland Broadsword . He started a video series now interpreting the lessons of ” The Army and Navy Gentleman’s Companion or a New and Complete Treatise on the Theory and Practice of Fencing” by John MacArthur of the Royal Navy (1780).


Jay is using the awesome transcription of our friend Peter Jameson from UK (with the Layout by Philip T. Crawley), which you can find here as a pdf-file:

MacArthur Smallsword Manual

We like to encourage everyone, who trains with the Broadsword, to pick up the Smallsword too at least once in a while. Not only is it great fun and a good combat art to practice, but it also provides fencers with many principles of swordsmanship, which are also needed for the Broadsword. No wonder, the old masters not only often recommend to train both weapons, Broad-/Back- and Small Sword, but many of them also combine them in their manuals, like Donald McBane or Sir William Hope.

MacArthur´s manual not only provides the reader with a short and clear instructions for the use of the Smallsword, but Jay´s videos are very helfpull to understand and practice the art.