Four New Level I-Mentors


The Cateran Society is very proud to announce the successfull certification for Level I (Regimental Broadsword) of four members working in our Online Apprenticeship Program:
Lamont Glass, James Epperly, Randy Bayuk and Scott Goodgame of Black Bird Martial Arts (USA) are successfully certified as mentors for Level I. The training group already showed a very disciplined and technical skilled training with the Regimental Broadsword style and fullfilled the needed drills very good and also following all necessary corrections. All four fencers participated in two certification bouts each with fencers from other HEMA groups. They were bouting with Broadsword vs Broadsword and vs Long Messer. They all showed a very good technical understanding of the style and fought great bouts with good technique, honor and discipline.
Here you can see the bouts:


Congratulations, gentlemen, that was a really good job 🙂

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