Four New Level I-Mentors


The Cateran Society is very proud to announce the successfull certification for Level I (Regimental Broadsword) of four members working in our Online Apprenticeship Program:
Lamont Glass, James Epperly, Randy Bayuk and Scott Goodgame of Black Bird Martial Arts (USA) are successfully certified as mentors for Level I. The training group already showed a very disciplined and technical skilled training with the Regimental Broadsword style and fullfilled the needed drills very good and also following all necessary corrections. All four fencers participated in two certification bouts each with fencers from other HEMA groups. They were bouting with Broadsword vs Broadsword and vs Long Messer. They all showed a very good technical understanding of the style and fought great bouts with good technique, honor and discipline.
Here you can see the bouts:


Congratulations, gentlemen, that was a really good job 🙂

Article on Military Sabre

We are happy to announce, that recently Broadsword Academy Germany instructor Heiko Grosse had the chance to write an article for the german history magazine Karfunkel Combat. The magazine is focussed on medieval history topics and published monthly. The combat issue focusses on military history and historical martial arts and is published once a year. Fpor the new issue Heiko wrote an article on the history and use of the Military Sabre (as well as Broadsword, Spadroon etc.). He already wrote an article on Donald McBane and the Battle of Killiecrankie for the issue of 2015.


Three new Mentor-Certifications

The Cateran Society is happy and proud to announce three new mentors certified within our Broadsword Academy program.

First of all Thomas Proctor, St.Louis, Missouri, USA is certified as Level II mentor (Old Style Broadsword). Thomas worked dedicated to achieve the next level and proofed in several certification bouts vs different opponents and styles, that he understood the basic and important principles of Level II. It is worth to note, that Thomas works every level of our curriculum ambidextrous, meaning with both right and left hand. Here you can see one of his certification bouts:

The second certification is for Andrey Yarovoy of the MacDougall Broadsword Academy in Krasnodar, Russia. Under the guidance of our Cateran Vitaliy Negoda MacDhĂąghaill, Andrey trained the Highland Broadsword, but originally he started on his own. Next to many other activities on the Cossack martial traditions, Andrey is a dedicated student of the Highland Broadsword. He won the 2016 Highland Broadsword tournament at the Highland Warrior Challenge at the Glasgow Green Highland Games in Glasgow, Scotland and was one of the organisers and referee of the Shermicii International Broadsword Tournament in 2017. He also was one of the oraganisers of Cuan na Scithia (The Cup of Scythia), the first Russian cup competition in the Scottish ancient and traditional warrior team sport of Camanachd (Shinty). He took the 2nd place at the Highland Warrior Challenge at the Glasgow Green Highland Games in 2017. He is certified as Level I mentor (Regimental Broadsword).


And finally the Broadsword Academy Manitoba, Canada is proud to announce that Justen Russell has been certified as a Mentor in Level 2 of our curriculum. This second level focuses on the Old Style of Highland Broadsword. Specifically the works of 18th Century swordsmen like Thomas Page, Donald McBane and Andrew Lonnergan.


Congratulations to all of you, gentlemen, well done!