New Cateran in Canada

The Cateran Council is happy to announce, that Jay Maas of the Broadsword Academy Manitoba is certified as Cateran. Jay is a dedicated student of the Highland Broadsword and other scottish weapons and very good instructor to the students of his group.

He showed his high technical level and deep understanding of our art in several sparring bouts with his students, but also befriended instructors from other schools. He fought not only with the Broadsword, but a wide range of weapons like the Dirk, Kopesh and others, as well as in unarmed Pugilism. He well deserved the position as Constable of the Galloglass recently. Here is one example of a very fine bout with Stoccata-instructor and Broadsword-veteran Paul Wagner (Australia):

Jay did a great job with his instructional video series, interpreting and teaching the Broadsword lessons of Captain G. Sinclair´s “Anti-Pugilism” (1790) and showed the deep historical insight needed as a Cateran in our art. Here you can see his complete instructional video series:

We are very proud of Jay and looking forward to see more of him in future. Well done, Jay, congratulations!

New Video section and Channel

The Cateran Council decided together with Cateran-founder Chris Thompson to restart on youtube with a new official video channel. This incluedes a new section on this blog page, which is “Instructional videos” (link see below).

In this section we will present to you our instructional videos from the official Cateran Society youtube-channel, but also from branch schools of our society. These are instructional videos for the Broadsword Academy Apprenticeship Program, full interpretations of historical manuals and also little training videos with helpfull adivces and detailed help on specific topics by all Caterans taking part.