BAG at ZornFest 2017

The Broadsword Academy Germany was invited to teach a class on Highland Broadsword and Highland Backhold Wrestling at the Summercamp of Zornhau e.V. in Ronneburg, near the castle of the same name. Zornhau is one of the oldest HEMA-clubs in Germany, real pioneers who focussing on medieval swordsmanship and weapons and wrestling. Due to they are the BAG´s neighbour club the pathes of our groups often crossed within the last years, holding a seminar on Highland Dirk, exchanging in sparring and with their several instructors. Zornhau and the BAG want to work together more in future.


The workshops was in two parts, first we did Backhold Wrestling Basics with several warm-up games and studied some techniques like the Backheel-technique, the hank and Buttock. After that we gave the Zornhau members a Best of Broadsword-workshop of another 1,5 hours to show them the wide range of Highland Swordsmanship.

It was an entertaining and great training day, thanks to all Zornhau instructors and participants.

The workshop ended with a Broadsword bout to show the audience how the concepts work in freeplay. Even the connection to Backhold Wrestling became obvious with a takedown at the end of the bout, a Backheel technique.

Highland Broadsword Crash-Course

Beginners who pick up the Broadsword and start their training often asked themselfs, where to start. Of course, the Broadsword-Lessons of the Cateran Society are always a good start. However for a basic understanding of the fundamental principles that all manuals share, this video crash course by our Level IV-Mentor Jay Maas (Broadsword Academy Manitoba, Canada), is a great start:

It is not only interesting for those starting in our Apprenticeship Program, but also for anyone generally interested in martial arts and history, who would like to know what Broadsword fencing is all about.