Summer-Seminars in Germany

The Broadsword Academy Germany was invited to various seminars this summer. At the Krav Maga Crosscamp in Günzburg (Bavaria) they held a class on the Highland Broadsword use. Thanks a lot to the Krav Maga Union and especially our friend Thorsten Schindler for the inviation. Thanks to all participants and instructors.

In Dietzenbach the BAG held a seminar on fighting with the Scottish Dirk. We were invited by Mark DeFazio, who is an instructor for Human Pankration and Jujutsu next to other martial arts. Mark was giving a seminar on Traditional Italian Knife Fighting and after that we introduced the participants to the Dirk. It was a very interesting and entertaining seminar day. Thanks a lot to Mark, the Asia Fitnesspark and all participants.

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