Summer-Seminars in Germany

The Broadsword Academy Germany was invited to various seminars this summer. At the Krav Maga Crosscamp in Günzburg (Bavaria) they held a class on the Highland Broadsword use. Thanks a lot to the Krav Maga Union and especially our friend Thorsten Schindler for the inviation. Thanks to all participants and instructors.

In Dietzenbach the BAG held a seminar on fighting with the Scottish Dirk. We were invited by Mark DeFazio, who is an instructor for Human Pankration and Jujutsu next to other martial arts. Mark was giving a seminar on Traditional Italian Knife Fighting and after that we introduced the participants to the Dirk. It was a very interesting and entertaining seminar day. Thanks a lot to Mark, the Asia Fitnesspark and all participants.

New Mentor in Canada

The Cateran Society is happy to announce that  Dana Sweetman (Aurora, Canada) earned his Level 1 certification. Dana is a dedicated student of the Highland Broadsword under the mentorship of Heiko Grosse since 2014.


Dana not only proofed his fighting skills and technical level in several bouts against other martial artists, he also runs a continuously growing Broadsword-class with dedication, helping his students to improve their skills more and more.


Besides the single sword, Dana already worked with Broadsword & Dagger, Broadsword & Targe and the scottish Clamshell-Greatsword too. Here you can see some of his work:

Congratulations, Dana, well done!

New Level 2 Mentor

Chris Dyer (USA) has earned the certification as a 2nd degree mentor. Chris proofed his technical level and skills in several certification bouts under the guidance of his mentor Heiko Grosse. Chris used the Highland Broadsword in old style against various armed opponents. Weapons he faced were the  Sabre, Rapier and Arming Sword. He has also established a regular Broadsword class in his own club, Reborn Fitness ( too. He will move on in the program with Level 3 (Broadsword and Targe, Double weapons).


Congratulations, Chris, good job.