New Level 2 mentor certification at the West Finland Broadsword Academy

We are pleased to share a new promotion for the West Finland Broadsword Academy:


Tero Ulvinen has earned his certification as a 2nd degree mentor. Tero is not only a dedicated student of the Highland Broadsword under the guidance of Timo Seppälä (Cateran and WFBA head-instructor), but also a very good mounted archer and swordsman. He also won the Hakkaa Päälle mounted broadsword tournament of the Equestrian Martial Arts Club in 2016.

Tero proofed his technical level and combative skills in several certification bouts under the guidance and supervision of Timo Seppälä (Cateran, WFBA head-instructor). Tero used different weapons including spear, sword and shield and Highland Broadsword against four opponents from the Viking Society Wolves of Faravid. He fought 12 bouts altogether, with the Broadsword alone in Old-Style Tero fought 4 bouts. The main certification bout of three minutes fighting time was with Juha Ojala.

Great job! Congratulations!

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