Highland Games in Neu-Isenburg (Germany)

The Broadsword Academy Germany visited the Highland Games in Germany again. The Games were started already in 1969 and had a long tradition in Neu-Isenburg until 2000. Fortunaley they are held every two years again since 2009.

The history of the german Highland Games started in 1957, when athlete Helmut Hubeier watched them in a cinema news clip. He was amazed and also his sportsmates were interested. So they got in contact with scottish athletes and five heavy athletes from Neu-Isenburg travelled to participate at Highland Games in Edinburgh in 1958. More visits in Scotland followed and the ahtletes participated successfully in many Highland Games until 1963. From this time the Scottish disciplines were trained on in the Club.

Here you see the particpants from Neu-Isenburg at the Highland Games in 1959 (Photo by http://www.asc-neu-isenburg.de):


The BAG visited the Highland Games in Neu-Isenburg and Ruesselsheim already twice, showing Scottish Swordsmaship and informing the visitors about our training  and the martial history of Scotland. This year we had the chance to also show the audience some examples of Scottish backhold Wrestling. We had a great time there training, bouting and informing the visitors.

Here some videos of the event can be seen, more in our channel:

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