Two new Mentors at Broadsword Academy Manitoba

Here is an announcement from Broadsword Academy Manitoba, Canada. We are pleased to share two new promotions:


Justen Russell (left) has earned his certification as a Level 1 Regimental Broadsword instructor. Justen has represented the BAM and organisation both locally and internationally recently in Europe. Justen is a fast learner and has demonstrated passion, hard work and talent at swordsmanship.
Secondly Wyatt Campbell (right) has earned his certification as a Level 2 Old Style Broadsword. Wyatt has represented our school locally in tournaments and cross style fencing against a variety of martial arts. Wyatt has shown a deep understanding of our art and is the assistant instructor at Broadsword Academy Manitoba. He has shown dedication to the art, never misses class, and shows a strong Cateran Warrior spirit in actively pursuing sparring and competition with all sorts of opponents.
To earn their rank, both swordsmen had to demonstrate insight into the techniques through demonstration in class, a written exam and a practical test against martial artists from other schools under the supervision of BAM head-instructor Jay Maas (4th Level mentor).

Great work, gentlemen! Congratulations!

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