Jay Maas new Constable of the Galloglass

Jay Maas, head instructor at Broadsword Academy Manitoba (Canada) is announced to become new Constable of the Galloglass, effective on June 1, 2017. I was the Constable for several years due to my many crossover bouts, especially at the monthly sparringsmeeting of the Dog Brothers traininggroup Wiesbaden aka the Wolfspack. Although still being active, but with my position as the new President of the Cateran Society and Headmaster of the Broadsword Academy, I think it is important to pass on this position to another fighter.

Jay Maas of the BAM represented the Society already honorably in a number of bouts, not only within his own group, but also facing other fencers and instructors. He is an excellent fighter, bouting technical clean and disciplined and is continuously improving his skills. He is working very active in our program and is creating an excellent video series on Sinclair´s Broadsword Lessons from the Anti-Pugilism manual.

Here you can see many of his bouts in the BAM youtube-channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn9SaOfJEd-vljZ3d_C1Dqw

Jay will oversee the Cateran Society Galloglass, not only bouting himself, but also supporting all other fighters in their martial exchanges and martial challenges. I like to congratulate Jay and wish him all the best for his upcoming bouts and training. I ask you all to support Jay in his work and taking him as an example. The Cateran Society is not only working theoretically and technically on the scottish historical martial arts, but we are also a combat group following the three Galloglass commitments:

1- I will never refuse any legitimate request for a martial challenge or martial exchange.

2- I will represent the Cateran Society with the highest standards of personal integrity and respectful behavior.

3- I will actively seek out challenges as a representative of the Cateran Society.

Am fear a thug buaidh air fhein, thug e buaidh air namhaid.

– Heiko Große –

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