Heiko Große to Become President of Cateran Society


Ever since I founded the Cateran Society in 1998, it has been my intention to build it up to the point where it could continue as a thriving organization with or without me as the President and Headmaster. If the Cateran Society and the Broadsword Academy are to succeed in the long term, they cannot be led by the same person forever.

 Events in my life outside the fencing studio have begun to take up more and more of my time, making it difficult for me to devote the focus and effort needed to lead the Cateran Society effectively. It’s time for me to step aside as the President of the Cateran Society and the Headmaster of the Broadsword Academy and to hand these roles over to someone else.

Heiko Große of the Broadsword Academy Germany has represented the Society honorably at a number of major HEMA events in Europe. In addition, he has written and published his own manual on the Highland broadsword, and continues to pursue his own research projects. He is an excellent broadsword fencer with a deep understanding of the art we practice.

 Effective on May 1, 2017, Heiko Große will become the second President of the Cateran Society and Headmaster of the Broadsword Academy, with responsibility for the Online Apprenticeship Program. I ask all of you to give him your full support.

 I will continue to train and teach the Cateran System as a Cateran of the Society, and I will continue to write and research books on historical swordsmanship and the martial arts. I will also continue to be available for advice and input.

Am fear a thug buaidh air fhein, thug e buaidh air namhaid.

-Christopher Scott Thompson, 3/26/2017

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