Peasant Rebellion!

This video explores the combative use of the sickle, an agricultural tool that could also be used as an improvised weapon. Some clips show the use of one sickle against the broadsword, and others show two sickles. The approach shown here is based on the Cateran System’s “MacGregor Method” rather than on any historical sickle training. We found the sickle to be one of the most interesting weapons we have ever played with. The curved blade of the sickle allows it to easily capture the opposing sword blade and whirl it off-line. Training weapons from Purpleheart Armoury, music by Finnish folk metal band Korpiklaani.

4 thoughts on “Peasant Rebellion!”

  1. Some thoughts from the perspective of a swordsman:
    (1) Got to pick off those hands before/as Chris is launching his attacks. Probably feint at one hand and target the other.
    (2) No lunging or thrusting. Even if you run him through, his follow-through could be lethal.
    (3) Circle, circle, circle, vault – try to get both of his weapons on one side – at the instant you vault he is essentially a one weapon fighter. Cut five or six to pin one or both of his weapons to his body long enough to kick through his leg just above the knee. Let’s see how his revolt goes with a shattered femur. Bloody peasants.

  2. 1- the constant hand motion is designed specifically to frustrate any attempt to do that

    2- yup

    3- because I know he needs to do that, I am waiting for it

  3. I am interested in joining to learn the cateran system. How do I find your training times and locations.

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