Sword and Dagger

According to Scottish swordsman Donald McBane: “When you fight sword and dagger, you are to keep your sword as directed at a good outside guard, your dagger above your brow in order to defend your head, often having them across.”

McBane would have used this weapon combination during his career as a stage gladiator, after he had returned from the wars in Europe. The dagger he’s referring to is a basket-hilted parrying dagger, long enough to be considered a short sword. It is possible to extrapolate a surprisingly large number of techniques from McBane’s simple advice, many of which can be seen in this video. The techniques are presented in slow motion so you can see exactly how to do them.

For anyone who took the sword and dagger class at Iron Gate 2015, this is the same set of techniques plus a few extras we didn’t discuss. Enjoy!

One thought on “Sword and Dagger”

  1. It looks like Chris’s second trap, executed at speed, might cause Seth’s weapon to become dislodged from his hand. That would be a stylish move.

    Seth’s traps look as if they are pulling Chris slightly towards him, interfering with his balance, while at the same time turning Chris’s own blade back at him. Nasty work. I like it a lot.

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