Cateran Society Broadsword Fencers Take First and Third Place at Competition


Sam Street, James Mungall, Sam Irving

Broadsword fencers from the Cateran Society’s Caledonian Broadsword Academy of Baton Rouge competed in the Highland Broadsword Competition at the Highland Games of Louisiana held on May 24, 2015.

Out of twelve fencers competing, the top three places were:

1st place: Sam Irving (Caledonian Broadsword Academy Baton Rouge)
2nd place: Sam Street (Sword to Sword, Houston, TX)
3rd place: Steve Irving (Caledonian Broadsword Academy Baton Rouge)

Congratulations to Sam and Steve Irving, their worthy competitor Sam Street and their mentor James Mungall!

We teach the art of the Highland Broadsword, a reconstructed historical fencing style of 18th century Scotland. The core of our art is based on old fencing manuals and military drill books, while the more advanced aspects of our curriculum are inspired by hints in the lore and legends of the Gaelic people. In addition to the broadsword, we also teach the use of a number of other weapons such as the cudgel and the dirk. All of the skills and weapons we teach are based around the same underlying principles, which we refer to as the Cateran System in English, and Iomairt Airm in the Gaelic language.

Broadsword Academy (Second Edition)

Cateran Society Facebook Group

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